About Us

nysoa-logoThe New York State Ornithological Association (NYSOA)  is New York State’s ornithological society. The objectives of NYSOA are to document the ornithology of New York State; to foster interest in and appreciation of birds; and to protect birds and their habitats. NYSOA has two types of members: Member Clubs/Organizations and Individual Members. NYSOA’s annual corporate business meeting is held during a weekend conference that is open to the public and hosted by a NYSOA member club. This annual event brings together birders from across the state and beyond who come to develop new birding friendships, renew old ones, hear excellent speakers, and explore birding opportunities away from their home turf. The weekend offers attendees a variety of social, educational, and birding activities. The business meeting segment of the weekend is attended by delegates of member clubs/organizations and includes elections and new club/organization membership approvals, as well as committee reports and other matters


The Queens County Bird Club (QCBC) was founded in 1932 with the requirement that “a person must have a profound interest in bird life and must be at least 12 years of age.” QCBC meets once a month September through June. Meetings feature speakers on topics ranging from ornithological research to conservation to birding to birding adventures abroad. The club offers a full field trip schedule to local and regional birding locations; trips are open to members and guests and often include observations of butterflies, snakes, dragonflies, and plants in addition to migrant and residential birds. The club also coordinates the annual Christmas Bird Count for the Queens/eastern Long Island circle.

yb.image003The New York State Young Birders Club (NYSYBC), founded in 2008, is a special project of NYSOA. This club is for birders in New York State between the ages of 10 and 19, inclusive. Club activities include field trips, annual meetings, and other events. While we focus on birding areas in New York State, young birders living in other states are welcome to join. The club has its own web site, where you can find the calendar of events, field trip reports, the club’s life list, photos and artwork by young birders, and membership forms.


Conference Planning Committee

Here are the people who are working on making this the best Conference ever hosted in downstate New York:
Seth Ausubel – Conference Lead, Fundraising, Man with the Vision, NYSOA, QCBC
Arie Gilbert – Treasurer , Fundraising, QCBC President

Shai Mitra – Speakers, Workshops & Papers, NYSOA
Patricia Aitken – Registration & Logistics, QCBC
Steve Schellenger – Field Trips, QCBC
Donna Schulman – Publicity & Website, QCBC
Mary Normandia – Welcome Packets, Printing, QCBC Vice-President
Richard Santagelo – Audio-visual, QCBC
Nancy Tognan – Activities for Non-birding Attendees, QCBC Secretary
Rich Kelly – – Onsite Support & Logistics, QCBC
Bob Dieterich – Onsite Support & Logistics, QCBC
Gail Kirch – NYSOA
Tim Baird – NYSOA
Carena Pooth – NYSOA/NYSYBC Adult Chair
Kathryn Schneider – NYSOA

Conference Volunteers

Corey Finger
Rick Kedenburg
Mike Ritchie
Shari Romar
Lisa Scheppke
Lou Widerka

Field Trip Leaders:
Seth Ausubel
Corey Finger
Doug Futuyma
John Gluth
Eric Miller
Mary Normandia
Jeff Ritter
Ian Resnick
Steve Schellenger
Lloyd Spitalnik
Clay Taylor

A special thank you to Paul Normandia, who designed our graphic.




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