NYS Ornithological Association 66th Annual Meeting / NY Birders Conference, November 1 – 3, 2013

The NYSOA/New York Birders Conference is over. Over 175 birders and speakers joined together to discuss the status of birds and birding in New York State, learn about preservation projects on Long Island and how to work for increased conservation, read and hear about current research by high school, college, graduate students and NYSOA members, and, of course, bird. James Currie, our banquet speaker, entertained and inspired us with his stories of birding adventures around the world. It was a fantastic week! Even the press took note: Newsday Article on Conference. 

We are working on posting some of the presentations, particularly those on public policy, and photographs of the conference. Please stay tuned!

A Big Thank You to all the volunteers who made the Conference happen, and to our sponsors, donors, and contributors.

Conference Planning Committee:

Patricia Aitken, Seth Ausubel, Tim Baird, Bob Dieterich, Arie Gilbert, Rich Kelly, Gail Kirch, Shai Mitra, Mary Normandia, Carena Pooth, Rich Santangelo, Steve Schellenger, Kathryn Schneider, Donna Schulman, Nancy Tognan.
Field Trip Leaders:
Seth Ausubel, Corey Finger, Doug Futuyma, John Gluth, Eric Miller, Mary Normandia,
Ian Resnick, Jeff Ritter, Steve Schellenger,  Lloyd Spitalnik, Clay Taylor.
Graphic art:
Mike Ritchie.
Paul Normandia, Normandia Studio.

Our Sponsors, Donors and Contributors:


The New York State Ornithological Association 66th Annual Meeting/ New York Birders Conference

November 1st – 3rd, 2013

Long Island Marriott Hotel and Conference Center *  Uniondale, NY


 Hosted by the Queens County Bird Club   


We have closed registration as we have met our goal of 160 registrants. Looking forward to seeing everybody at the Marriott!

 All Birders and Guests are Welcome

* It is past the deadline for the special conference rate at he L.I. Marriott Hotel. Late registrants are encouraged to register at area motels.



Keynote Speaker:  

James Currie, of Birding Adventures TV
James Currie’s passion for birding, adventure and remote cultures has taken him to nearly every corner of the globe. An expert and an adventurer, he has been featured as a special guest and consultant in film, television, radio and print media. He will be speaking on Not Your Grandmother’s Audubon


Here are some of the birds that have been seen in Queens and Long Island during the fall months, courtesy of Lloyd Spitalnik, who will be leading our Nature Photography Workshop:

merlin_F5R2630 brant_F5R1792 copy 2double-crested_cormorant_F5R6650
 black-bellied_plover_F5R2472  peregrine_falcon_F5R6564